Monday, March 20, 2006

No More Takeaway Starbucks

Something about people who carry takeaway cups of Starbucks and walk around the street sipping from their plastic teats, just annoys me. I dont know why, it just does. And the strange, downright bizarre thing is that I'm one of those people. Well not all the time, some of the times anyway - mostly when I'm forced to take another office job to pay the bills and the only thing that's going to get my eyes open in the mornings is a hit of the caffeinated stuff. And normally the only coffee takeaway place in the vicinity of whichever hell hole I end up working in, is a fungus like Starbucks.
But in any case. It's not like I take pleasure in walking around, milling about the streets, staring into shop windows like I'm bloody Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's while I take tiny, luxurious sips of Multinational, non fair trade crud thats supposed to be coffee. And I've noticed that its mostly women who sip takeaway coffee, not that many men - why is that?
OK so maybe I'm being irrational. Maybe I should be more specific in my annoyance category - OK so it's basically women (cos 7 times out of 10 it's women who sip coffee from the teat of their take away cups) who wear gym gear, including obligatory hat like it's real sunny or something even though I cant remember the last time I saw that big golden globe in the sky, and look like they've just done pilates or had a private session with their personal trainers who they may or may not had an affair with, who are rushing home to their Notting Hill pad while sipping Starbucks that annoy me. AND if you happen to be sipping a cup of Starbucks, while on the tube, While reading the Da Vinci Code then you just make me SICK - could you be more part of the mass if you tried?
OK so I'm not saying that everyone has an organic, fair-trade coffee store around the corner from them (I have two - haha - aint life grand! :P), and I'm not saying we should be like the Italians by swallowing strong small cups of potent high-grade caffeine straight down the hatch while standing at the bar, all I'm asking is can't we spend a few minutes walking down the street without the need to be caffeinating ourselves? Are we in such a delirious, dazed state of mind that its the only thing that keeps us going? Hmm.... Yeah I think I know the answer to that..


Blogger Gentleman-hobbs said...

Reason we don't sip is because we gulp, normally real beer and we smirk tabs. Reason its always starbucks is because they operate a cluster marketing policy that kills the independants. I was in Hong Kong and Shenzhen (china) recently and they have done it there too. Funny how every one is talking fair trade yet no one wants to talk about the fashion and electronics sweatshops. But then that doesn't fit in with the media agencies plan.
Why don't you have a rant at the budget this week

11:51 am  
Blogger samscomps said...

I like that, men gulp. Arrgh, we dont sip we gulp, like big manly men. Come on, what if the drink's too hot, what do you do then? Still gulp even if it burns your tongue?
The budget! The budget! Please I have no interest in the budget. Like what does it matter if me, you or anyone else thinks of the budget, the big bulldog himself is going to do what he wants at the end of the day isnt he? I'm very disenfranchised with the Labour government at the moment, especially the idiot PM.

1:48 pm  
Blogger Vassilissa said...

Oh dear, this is plain madness. A "natural tea people" who submits to coffee just for the sake of... what? Yes, you are right to be angry. Kisses from Italy.

4:03 pm  
Blogger samscomps said...

I miss Italian coffee vassilissa, although yes you're right, can't beat the tea you get around here!

7:24 pm  

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